To Know Christ Better & Make Him Better Known


Northridge Community Church is a place to begin to build a relationships with people who care, a place to belong to a community of faith, and a place to become a person of purpose.

With our heart to God and hand to man, we are committed to making soul winning our primary purpose. We endeavour to share the message of God’s love in a practical manner that speaks to the needs of our community. With both passion and relevancy the message is presented.

We seek to develop and nurture every believer. This is done not only through Sunday worship services but also in small group settings that inspire people on their spiritual journeys and provide fellowship opportunities.

We encourage people to discover and develop their spiritual gifts. We follow Christ’s lead, empowering all members to pursue God’s vision and provide support to those who need help.

We provide worship that glorifies God. We help others feel inspired and look to the future, anticipating a life that honours God.