Homelessness Prevention/LEAP

This program is run by The Salvation Army and funded by The Regional Municipality of York and the Provincial Government. Our goal is to aid in the prevention of homelessness for York Region residents by providing financial assistance to:

  • Those who are at risk of losing their home or place of shelter
  • Individuals who are homeless or living in a temporary shelter

Immigration and Settlement Services

*Free and Confidential. This service assists with:

  • Spousal, common-law, and other family class sponsorship applications
  • Work, student, and visitor visa extensions and permits
  • Applications to become a permanent resident based on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds, or as a Convention Refugee
  • Canadian citizenship and passport applications
  • Subsidized housing (Housing Connections) and other social services applications (welfare, disability, rent financial assistance etc.)
  • Referrals to food banks, employment centres, spiritual support, etc.

For more information, please contact:
(416) 682-2498

Northridge Family Help Centre

Emergency food and clothing, a listening ear, community referrals, advocacy, other tangible and spiritual support is provided for those in crisis. It is our desire to give hope and encouragement to all who come to us for assistance. On the first visit, clients are asked to complete an application and provide identification (two pieces-one being photo I.D.),  proof of income and expenses (copies of income, bank statement, bills, etc).  Please contact our office to request an appointment.

Ontario Electricity Support Program

You may qualify for a monthly credit directly on your electricity bill depending on household income and how many people live in your home. Please visit OntarioElectricitySupport.ca or call us at 905-895-6276 to speak with an agency representative.