Welcome! We are a multi-generational & multi-ethnic church desiring to make soul-winning our primary purpose. We seek to develop and nurture every believer as our primary function. We look to the example of Christ as our primary expectation. And our goal is to provide worship that glorifies God as our primary celebration. Our vision is that people would be energized, so that the Church would be multiplied and that God would be glorified.

We would love for you to join us for a Sunday morning worship service.  All are welcome to join!  Below is a brief overview of what you can expect on Sundays.

Service starts @ 10:30 AM

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Family Worship Service
Our leaders are well qualified, and able to present Biblical truths in a relevant manner to help us live out Christian lives in today's world. The purpose of our morning worship service is to celebrate our relationship with Christ, and to experience that celebration with others.

During our services, you will experience a blended expression, where the brass are supported by keyboards, guitars, percussion and a variety of vocalists. They accompany songs that are some of the most recent and others that are some of the classic hymns of the Church.

Check-in is available as of 10:00am

Kingdom Kids
An exciting worship and Bible teaching time designed just for kids, aged 7 to 12.

Kingdom Korner
An equally exciting time of Christian learning and activities designed just for kids, aged 3-6.

Kingdom Kare
An inviting atmosphere for nursery aged children, (newborn to 2 yrs.)

1st Sunday of the Month
On the first Sunday of each month, Kingdom Korner & Kingdom Kids will check-in as usual and then join their families for "Family Worship Day".  They will then be dismissed during the service for their teaching.  This is an opportunity for our children to engage in family worship.

The Krew
For youth 13-17.  During our worship they will be invited to move to the youth centre (Studio North) to experience teaching specifically designed for them.  During the 4th Sunday of the month, youth will join in the adult service.