Membership at Northridge matters. We're not looking to create division or hierarchy. It is our way for disciples to make disciples. We're not interested in numbers. We're interested and committed to helping people know Christ through a deeper relationship and to make Him better known through discipleship.

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CLASS 101 is a great first step to take for those who are new to Northridge and are interested in becoming a member or simply learning more about our Mission and our history. We share the structure of our church, including an overview of our faith and values. Our next class is November 17, 2019 right after service. Click below to register.



In CLASS 201, we talk about spiritual disciplines. We spend some time learning about what it means to spend alone time with God, to study God’s Word, the value of giving and the importance of fellowship. Our next class is May 25, 2019 from 8:30am to noon. Click below to register.



Our final class, CLASS 301, is a study of our Doctrines (What We Believe). To become an official member at Northridge Community Church, it is necessary to complete a study of the 11 Doctrines of The Salvation Army, and to provide an assurance that you are in agreement with each of these 11 doctrines.